Fluance Ai60 Bookshelf Speaker Review 2020: Worthy?

As audio enthusiasts, we all have our personal preferences when it comes to sound, some like the Fluance Ai60 Bookshelf Speaker, while others prefer the more extensive options. Needless to say, the type of speaker one chooses is going to play a big part in the level of sound satisfaction delivered by the speaker system.

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Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker Review 2020

Are you thinking of buying your first speaker? Or are you planning on replacing an existing one?

Choosing between the Edifier R1700BT speakers or a floor-standing speaker can be a tough nut to crack for many folks.

This is partly because we always associate larger speakers with better sound (and that would be right most of the time). However, other factors should be considered when it comes to choosing a speaker for your home (we’ll get to that in a moment).

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KEF LS50 Mini Monitor Bookshelf Speaker Review: Quality+

When it comes to speaker sound, only you know what’s right for you. Choosing between bookshelf speakers and tower speakers all boils down to your personal preference:

·       Are you okay with a decent bass output?


·       Are you looking for that chest-thumping bass?

The size and type of room is also another vital factor that needs to be considered when choosing speakers. Audiophiles who have space to spare will always go for more substantial speakers. But, what if you have space constraints? Bookshelf speakers, such as the KEF LS50, are a viable option.

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Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speaker Review: Quality?

If you’re thinking of getting a reliable and efficient bookshelf speaker, then this Polk Audio T15 review is going to be for you (so you will want to read it to the end). The Polk Audio T15 bookshelf speakers are one of the first names that come to mind when one is looking for a fully functional and affordable bookshelf speaker, and rightly so.

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OontZ Angle 3 Review 2020: A Bargain with Unbeatable Range

Adding To Your Desktop

You’ve found the most stylish speaker around.

You’re on a tight budget. And you think you’ve discovered a decent Bluetooth speaker that adds a little extra oomph to your desktop set-up.

I’ll bet it’s an OontZ Angle 3 by Cambridge SoundWorks.

OontZ Angle 3 has exceptional range and suits your classy taste in design.

Will this incredibly affordable speaker perform as good as it looks?

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Tribit Xsound Go Review 2020: Best Sound Quality

There is nothing better than sipping your favorite brew with a couple of your best buddies.

Relaxing With Friends

And nothing goes better with that experience than some background music from your favorite portable Bluetooth speaker.

When friends come to visit, you want a rich, full-sounding audio player that doesn’t distort on max volume. You want a portable Bluetooth device you can count on to set the right mood for your playtime. You want a Tribit Xsound Go

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